5 Ways to Make Lifestyle Change Fun This Weekend: Brier Creek Edition

By Ashton Jackson, RD, LDN

A total lifestyle change involves making adjustments that span beyond your Monday-Friday “9 to 5.”  If your typical weekend involves sleeping extended hours, vegging out on Netflix, and/or ordering take-out, it may be time to explore new ways to spend those cherished days off – you can have fun while also doing your body (and mind) good with one of these 5 activities in the Brier Creek area:


  1. Skip the restaurant scene and create your own culinary masterpieces at home.

  2. Spend your day outside at Umstead Park.

    • Hike, bike, canoe, fish… those are just a few of the activities you can plan for a day at this 5000+ acre gem.
    • There are more than 20 miles of trails available to explore. That’s a wonderful way to get ahead on your weekly step count!
  3. Try out the knife skills class at Sur La Table.

    • Cooking and technique classes are a fun alternative to a weekend spent in front of the TV.
    • An interactive
      group class will allow you the opportunity to overcome your food prep fears.
  4. De-stress with a massage, yoga, or a trip to the nearby art museum.

    • Give yoga a shot at Arrichion
    • The NC Museum of Art is a short drive from the Brier Creek area. This study demonstrated the potential for individuals to experience reduced stress via a visit to an art museum.
    • There are multiple locations to schedule a massage or foot reflexology session in the Brier Creek area. The mind-body benefits speak for themselves!
  5. Go strawberry picking at Page Farms.

    • Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the convenience of a 100-acre farm just outside of the city?
    • You’ll get some exercise while harvesting your produce for the week ahead.
    • You can freeze fresh strawberries and enjoy them all year long.
    • Foods that are in season will likely taste better and save you pennies.