About LifeStyle Medical Centers

Lifestyle Medical Centers (LMC) was founded to offer evidence-based lifestyle modification and medical nutrition therapy to people like you. We offer specialized, preventive health care services and weight loss programs in a positive and supportive environment.

Why You Need Us

Almost everyone is a candidate for treatment at Lifestyle Medical Centers. We treat a wide range of needs, including weight loss or management, chronic disease, preventive care, bariatric surgery support, nutrition support before, during and after pregnancy and more.

Your Healthcare Team

Your care team includes Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Dietitians, and Medical Assistants. We work closely with your regular primary care provider to ensure that every aspect of your health is taken into account.

Meet the LMC Team

Our Service to You

How you live shapes who you are. That’s why we’re here to help you identify and correct any lifestyle issues that impact your health.

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Benefits of Our Care

Evidence-based lifestyle modification and medical nutrition therapy has proven results. We use hard and true facts, research and data to focus on each patient as an individual. With a personalized plan, you’re more likely to improve your health, access other necessary health care, get the motivation and support you need and do it. The services usually have no cost thanks to the Affordable Care Act, or they’re available at an affordable rate.

Our Promise to You

Take control of your health today. Change your lifestyle and you can change your future, with an affordable, personalized weight loss program from a registered dietitian. Better health IS within your reach. Why not take the first step today?