Combat Your Holiday Cravings

by Catherine Hill MS, RD, LDN

With the holiday season approaching, you may soon to be tempted with many of your favorite holiday treats. Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult during this time but, luckily there are ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Here are some techniques you can use to refrain from overindulging but still enjoy the holiday season.

The 5 D’s

  1. Delay– Set the timer and wait 10 minutes as soon as you have a craving and your cravings may pass. 
  2. Distract Try to concentrate on something other than food (take a short walk or read your favorite book). 
  3. Distance–   Keep foods you crave “out of sight, out of mind”, this means out of the house and workplace. Give one food you crave away or simply throw it out. 
  4. DetermineConsider how much you really want the food or beverage in question. Journal how you are feeling and write down possible solutions.  
  5. Decide 
    -If you choose to have the food you’re craving, remember to enjoy it! Eat slowly and savor each bite.
    -If you realize you are truly hungry after waiting the 10 minutes, choose from this list of healthier alternatives to your favorite treats: 

Instead of This         Try This
Ice cream                  Frozen fruit or sugar free pudding
Apple pie                   Apple cinnamon oatmeal
Chocolate cake         Chocolate covered bananas

Instead of This       Try This
Pretzels                    Low fat, lightly salted popcorn
Chips                        Roasted chickpeas
Crackers                  Dried edamame

High Fat
Instead of This       Try This
Full fat cheeses       Cottage cheese
Cream cheese          Peanut butter
Mashed potatoes    Mashed roasted cauliflower

*Follow Lifestyle Medical Centers on Facebook for daily challenges Challenge: Show us your success! Commit to one of the  5 D’s each day this week. Track your progress on paper or with a picture to share with your provider at your next visit to stay on track with meeting your holiday health goals.