Don’t Drink Your Calories this Summer!

Summer is officially in full-swing! It’s the season of beach-side lounging and patio grilling.  With rising temperatures and social interactions, flavorful beverages are sure to be a temptation.  Unfortunately, too many sugar-laden cocktails, sodas, teas and punches can add up quickly.  Spare yourself the calories without sacrificing flavor and fun via one of these tasty alternatives:

Red Wine Sangria Spritzer
Cutting your average glass of wine with sparkling water will reduce the calories from alcohol.

Skinny Blackberry Cucumber Mojito
Muddled mint and blackberry add sweetness and flavor without the need for added sugar.

Rosemary Citrus Spritzer
A small amount of infused simple syrup can go a long way.  Adding herbs packs a flavor punch, no booze required!

Strawberry Iced Tea
Muddled and infused fruit adds flavor to the south’s favorite beverage with very little need for sugar.

Fruit Infused Water
Keep it simple.  Just add your favorite fruit and herbs to a pitcher of water, let it sit overnight for the flavors to fully infuse.