If you have Duke Select, Duke Basic or another plan or provider, you have the option of self-pay.

Self-Pay Explained

If you have an insurance provider we are in-network with, you cannot use the self-pay option.

If you are uninsured or have an insurance plan that considers LifeStyle Medical Centers as an out-of-network provider, you have the option of the self-pay packages and services below. If you’re a self-pay patient, you pay in full at the time of the visit for our services.

With insurance plans that consider LifeStyle Medical Centers to be out-of-network, we can have our billing team file claims on your behalf as an out-of-network provider, and any payments will be sent directly to you. This is NOT a promise of payment, and many times patients will have higher out-of-network deductibles that are difficult to reach.

Price/info subject to change without notice. Below prices reflect discounted rates.

Self-Pay Packages

Package 1 – Includes Initial Visit, Diet Plan Visit, 1 Extended Follow-up (60 min), 3 Follow-up Visits (30 min), free digital food scale $499
Package 2 – Includes Initial Visit, Diet Plan Visit, 1 Follow-up Visit (30 min), free digital food scale $399
Package 3 – Includes Initial Visit, Diet Plan Visit $299

Maintenance Visit Packages

3 Follow-up Visits (30 min) $180
6 Follow-up Visits (Get five paid visits and the sixth one is FREE) $299
3 Extended Follow-up Visits $255
6 Extended Follow-up Visits (Get five paid visits and the sixth one is FREE) $425
Visits must be paid in full prior to visit.

New Patient Visits (per visit)

Dietary Recall $60
Initial Consultation $120
Dietary Recall & Initial Consultation $200
*All patients must have an A1c, lipid panel, and comprehensive metabolic panel within the last 6 months. You can provide results from your PCP, or we have self-pay pricing options available.

Dietary Planning

*Dietary Recall is required prior to a Dietary Planning session.

Follow-up Visits  (per visit)

Extended Follow-up Visit $90
Follow-up Visit $60
Maintenance Visit* $40
* Only available to patients after 10 visits and with approval from your provider.

Other Services

Metabolic Testing $50
Metabolic Testing + Follow-up Visit $100
EKG $20

Laboratory Tests

Hemoglobin A1c $15
Lipid Panel $20
Urinalysis $5
Pregnancy Test $5
Basic Metabolic Panel $10
CBC with Differential $10
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $12
Electrolytes $15
Glucose $8
Hemoglobin $7
Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) $25
Vitamin B12 $10
Testosterone $25
*In-house results available in minutes. Please call for pricing if there are other laboratory tests you would like performed.