Holiday Hustle

The holiday season is a busy time of year.  Between parties, shopping, visiting with loved ones, and other celebratory events it is hard to imagine finding even a few minutes to exercise. Get closer to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week by adding 10-minute increments to your day. Which of the following 10 tips will you commit to this week?   


  1. Take the long routeInstead of choosing the shortest distance, go to the bathroom furthest from your desk at work, take the laundry upstairs in multiple trips, or go talk to your coworker in person instead of sending an email.
  2. Take the stairsAvoid taking the elevator and use the stairs to get your blood pumping.
  3. Take fitness breaks during workTry stretching, taking a walk, or going up and down the stairs during your daily work breaks.
  4. Have active meetingsHave a walking meeting or walk while talking on the phone. Multi-tasking at its best.
  5. Feel the burnUse hand weights every couple of hours to improve muscle strength.  Don’t have hand weights? Use a can of soup as a 1-pound weight, or do push-ups against the wall, or standing squats.
  6. Stand upBurn twice as many calories standing vs sitting during the day.  Even get creative and make your own standing desk using a few extra books.
  7. Park farther awayGet excited for a spot that’s far away from the door this holiday season and take advantage of the extra steps.
  8. Household chores by handWashing the dishes, cleaning your car, vacuuming, the list of chores can seem never-ending! Complete household chores by hand instead of using modern conveniences (although we all enjoy our dishwasher) for extra calorie burn.
  9. Go for a walk with your family after dinner or find a fun online videoHolidays are a time for reconnecting with loved ones.  Spend some quality time together pounding the pavement or challenge them to a Zumba dance-off.
  10. Use a pedometerTracking your steps with a pedometer or Fitbit can you’re your daily goals.  Start a holiday step challenge with friends or coworkers for added social support. 


The Holiday Challenge

Show us your hustle! Commit to one of the 10 tips each day this week.  Share this post with friends or post a picture of your hustle and tag Lifestyle Medical Centers for your first chance to win #LMCspreadingholidayhealth