The health of your company depends on the lifestyles of your individual employees. That’s why Blend is designed to promote a company culture where individual employees feel supported in making healthier choices.

Based on our understanding of how behavior actually changes, Blend incorporates services including on-site nutrition counseling and physicals, group classes and lunch and learns, wellness challenges and telehealth. This approach removes barriers to participation and serves as a comprehensive support system for a healthier, more productive workforce.

And because we are in network with the most common insurance providers, these services are often available at no additional cost to the employer or employee.

On-Site Nutritional Counseling

Blend includes on-site nutrition visits to your employees from our team of Registered Dietitians (RDs).

On-site visits make it easy and convenient to seek nutrition and health counseling without the need to travel, and with a reduced demand to take time off work.

Each of our RDs is trained and certified to teach your employees life skills to help them lose or keep off weight, manage chronic illnesses like diabetes through healthier lifestyle choices, or tackle specific issues like sleep disorders, maternal health or sports nutrition.

Our RDs are in-network with many of the most common insurance providers and are one of the preventive services covered under the Affordable Care Act. This means that their services are often available at no cost to either the employer or employee.

On-Site Preventive Physicals

It’s harder to improve what you don’t measure. That’s a statement that’s true in business, and it’s true in health, too. That’s why Blend’s behavior change model (see below) includes preventive physicals.

These physicals serve as a way for our team of practitioners—and your employees’ health care providers—to identify areas of risk or concern, empowering your staff to take proactive measures to prevent disease or illness, or to begin treatment of a disease or illness early on when treatment is easier and more effective.

By bringing these preventive physicals on-site, Blend makes it easier and more convenient for employees to engage with us on health-related issues. And making it easier and more convenient means we reach a broader cross-section of your team.

Group Classes & Lunch-and-Learns

It’s easier to change your lifestyle if you’re surrounded by a supportive company culture. That’s why, alongside individual nutrition counseling, Blend includes group classes and lunch and learns.

Some of our group classes and presentations include Nutrition in the Workplace, Grocery Store Tour, A Dietitian’s Advice on Dining Out, Fitness and Nutrition, Planning Ahead for Good Nutrition,  Stress Management, Breaking a Habit and Healthy Eating During the Holidays. These classes can be tailored to meet the unique interests and needs of your team.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Biometric Screenings

HRAs and screenings provide another layer of data collection, helping employees to identify specific health needs, and helping employers negotiate health insurance premiums.

Blend works with Wellsource—a respected corporate wellness company with 35 years of experience—to provide the HRA through the Healow online platform. In the HRA, your employees spend about 11 minutes answering questions about their health, their nutrition and their activities. At the end, they receive a “wellness profile,” indicating where they could improve and identifying definitive actions to help them get started. 

HRAs and wellness profiles have demonstrated success, with industry leaders recommending them as the perfect gateways for employees to get the coaching or counseling needed for long-term lifestyle and behavior changes.

Telehealth – Coming Soon.

Blend was designed to make it easy and convenient to support healthier lifestyles. Our soon-to-launch Telehealth program is one more way to do just that.

When your employees receive Medical Nutrition Therapy consultations through our telehealth platform, they receive the same benefits as in-person counseling, but with the added convenience of not having to travel.

With the use of a computer, the internet and live video conferencing, employees can get counseling from the comfort of their homes or while on a break at work. (An initial in-person visit is required.) By removing barriers to care, such as limited time or travel capabilities, telehealth can increase participation and improve employee wellbeing and retention.

Blend’s services are delivered through multiple channels—including telehealth—in order to remove barriers to participation:

Centrally Managed Group Wellness Challenges

Blend aims to not only improve the health of individual employees, but also the health of your workplace culture. Wellness challenges motivate your employees to make the lifestyle modifications they need so your company as a whole can start to reap the benefits.

Sample group wellness challenges include:

  • Behavior change challenges
  • Step challenges
  • Monthly Lunch and learn challenges

Participants track their progress toward goals and have the option to check in with an LMC provider as questions arise. We can also work with you to put incentive programs in place as an additional motivating factor for employee participation.

Our Lifezones Model

See how Blend works in practice.

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Insurance Now Covers Preventive Care

We are in-network with BCBSNC, AETNA, Coventry, Cigna and United.



Patient & Employer Testimonials

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Kait and Valerie at Lifestyle Medical Center.  They’ve been visiting our office on a regular basis to meet one-on-one with our employees.  The feedback from everyone has been extremely positive.  I have begun to see a more dedicated focus on healthy eating and an increased emphasis on wellness in general.  Lifestyle Medical Center has become an essential part of our wellness program.”

Shari Leon, Human Resources Director

“I have learned so much about nutrition and healthy living during my weekly visits with Kait. I have made many improvements to my diet and exercise routine using her suggestions and am always looking forward to the next appointment. I never could have done this without the convenience of the in-office visits.”

Michelle Sleeper

“I have been going to this location/center for well over a year. I have received nothing but support and outstanding guidance for healthier lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking. I have to say that Kim (NP) was certainly in my corner when trying a medication to assist with this process. Actually, the whole staff was amazing in this realm and I truly needed it. Thank you for all you do and your support!!”

Leslie Roberts

“They have been nothing but a blessing to me and truly a blessing. Thanks to Catherine Pelone and Gracey Goodwin.”

Vinny Abbruscato

“Lifestyle Medical Center’s on-site services have helped our employees and the organization to identify and commit to their personal wellness goals. Regular one-on-one sessions with Molly, which are greatly appreciated by employees, offer personalized plans and encouragement for healthier living habits. It’s exciting to hear employees talking about their personal efforts, and the program has helped build a support network amongst employees. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about living healthier.”

Sherri L. Ingersoll SHRM-CP
Human Resources
Analyst/Deputy Town Clerk
Town of Hillsborough

National Recognition for Patient-Centered Care

We’re recognized as a Level III certified Patient-Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the work we do.

This means our patient-centered services prove to be effective in improving health. We merge teamwork and technology to improve coordinated care and to support our patients beyond the office. Through chronic disease education, accountability, motivation and support, we help our patients treat and prevent chronic conditions with healthy lifestyle modifications. This approach leads to reduced costs and healthier employees.