Introducing: Lifestyle Medical Center Group Classes

Get advice on dining out healthily in our lifestyle classes.

By Ashton Jackson, RD, LD/N

Does making healthy decisions at a restaurant seem like an impossible feat?

Would you love to learn more about the best way to grocery shop and prepare meals at home?

Are you curious about activity trackers and fitness apps on your smartphone or the best way to fuel up for a workout?

You aren’t alone! All of the questions above are topics of common concern for those who are embarking on the journey to making total lifestyle changes.

In an effort to assist patients with becoming savvy and feeling more confident in these areas, the team of Registered Dietitians at Lifestyle Medical Center has developed a series of monthly lifestyle classes dedicated to the cause.  We now offer a rotating schedule of group sessions designed to provide you with a more in-depth review of how to navigate dining out, meal planning, the latest technology and your exercise routine.  Each class is is led by one of your favorite Lifestyle Medical Center providers.  Not only will you leave with a wealth of information; you will also have the pleasure of meeting fellow “lifestyle-changers” in an environment that will foster sharing of each individual’s own tips and tricks.

Here’s a brief overview of what you have to look forward to:

Technology & Tools for Improved Health

Our very own Heather Frost will be doing a series of lifestyle classes on the topics that follow.  Subject-matter will vary by session so be sure to check out the monthly schedule in advance.

  • Activity trackers: Learn the pros and cons of various brands and how to find the best one to suit your needs.
  • Phone apps: From grocery shopping and meal planning to logging exercise and calorie intake, there is most certainly “an app for that.” These days, there is an app for everything!  Whether you are technology savvy or challenged, there is bound to be an app out there that would prove useful to you in your lifestyle changes. Heather’s goal will be to provide you with guidance on the most popular apps available today and to dig deeper into the functionality of each.
  • Social media: Explore ways to make the new age of information sharing work for you. Topics such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, blogs and more will be covered.

Planning Ahead for Good Nutrition

Molly Devine is not only a registered dietitian on our team, she also happens to be a personal chef! What better resource could you ask for if you’d like to learn how to plan nutritious, delicious and easy meals for your week?  Molly will lead you through the following topics during your time together:

  • Stocking Your Kitchen: Review a short list of supplies, appliances and kitchen tools that will make meal prep a cinch. Discuss a few of the staples that you should always keep in your pantry, fridge and freezer for easy access.

Our lifestyle classes will show you how to stock your grocery supplies the healthy way.

  • Convenience Meals: Learn to evaluate the nutritional content of frozen entrees, ready-made meals and packaged foods. These “sometimes” foods can have a place in the stocked kitchen for days when time is limited…you’ll be a pro at picking out the best ones by the time you finish this class.
  • Meal Planning 101: Molly will teach you a simple system for planning out a week’s worth of meals. Bonus! Her method allows you to take into consideration the individualized exchange plan that you have developed with your own LMC Registered Dietitian.

A Dietitian’s Advice on Dining Out

You don’t want to miss this popular, interactive session with Catherine Pelone!  Her class will surely prepare you for your next trip out to dinner with friends.  Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Review of Today’s “Restaurant Scene”: Discuss research on the eating habits of average Americans, the effects of fast food on health, the evolution of portion sizes and more.
  • Navigating a Menu: Learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy choices on a menu. You’ll have an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned by evaluating a few real restaurant menus together as a group.
  • Healthy Tips: Review a few practices and resources that will make your dining experience more nutritious and stress-free.

Fitness and Nutrition

Two of your LMC Registered Dietitians teamed up to put this class together! Kali Williams and Ashton Jackson love to discuss the ways that exercise can boost your lifestyle change potential and methods for fueling your body appropriately.  Get ready for a jam-packed review of the following:

  • Fitness Basics: Learn just how much exercise you actually need every week to maintain your health and/or enhance weight loss potential. Evaluate the intensity of popular activities.
  • Nutrient Needs for Exercise: You’ll get an in-depth review of how protein, carbohydrate and fat assist you from start to finish during physical activity and examples of the best foods to choose.
  • Myths and Facts: Is protein powder for everyone? Are sports drinks preferred over water? Should you increase your calorie intake just because you work out?  Answers to these common questions will be discussed.
  • Break a Sweat! Through a partnership with the JCC (Charlotte & Dick Levin Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill), we plan to incorporate at least 30 minutes of group exercise led by a certified personal trainer on a rotating basis. Lace up your sneakers and bring a bottle of water, we are going to get moving during our time together.

Healthy Eating for the Holidays (November and December only)

It’s not necessary to fret over the upcoming holiday season.  Elizabeth Villalta will give you the tools you need to navigate through the endless dinner parties and potlucks that may be in your future. Topics will include:

  • A Tip for Every Day of the Season: Review a list of 25 simple things you can do to stay on track with lifestyle changes while you tour the endless holiday parties and events.
  • Alcohol 101: Calories from beverages add up fast.  Liz will teach you how to keep all those “cheers” from expanding your waistline.

We certainly hope you won’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge, even during the busy holiday period!  Ask your provider for more information during your next visit and check out our calendar of events at the front desk to plan accordingly.

Click here to view the flyers for each of these classes, or contact us for more information.

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