Last Minute Gifts for Lifestyle Changers


If you aren’t one of the organized few who finish their holiday shopping weeks in advance, you are likely scrambling to find a few last-minute gifts. No need to stress! We have thrown together a quick list of items that your favorite lifestyle-changer is sure to love.  Maybe you can even practice a little self-care and purchase one of these items for yourself…

Inspirational Items for Meal Prep:

  1. A one-year subscription to Plan to Eat. A favorite among the providers at Lifestyle Medical Center; virtually organize your recipes and use them to create a meal plan for days, weeks or months in advance.
    Bonus: it creates a grocery list for you!
  2. Foodie Dice. A unique idea for those who need help adding variety to their meals.
  3. Change a pasta-lover’s life with a veggie spiralizer! Our pick? The Paderno style.
  4. A lunch bag or bento box set so they can pack their meals and snacks in style.
  5. Don’t forget a cookbook! Here are a few recommendations from our dietitians:

The Gift of Stress Relief:

  1. Adult coloring books and colored pencils. A fantastic way to unwind at the end of the day without screen time.
  2. A delicious set of herbal teas.
  3. A gift card for a new book. Encourage them to take a breather and read something they enjoy for once!
  4. A monthly or yearly subscription to HEADSPACE. This fascinating app teaches users the art of mindfulness meditation – an excellent method for combating stress.
  5. Book a massage at a local spa.
  6. Wrap up a nice journal and pen so they can organize their thoughts.

Something to Get them Moving:

  1. A subscription to Daily Burn or other online fitness program. A perfect alternative for those who dislike gym settings but need a little guidance.
  2. A fun water bottle to keep them hydrated.
  3. Fitness tracker or simple pedometer. Get a matching one for yourself and challenge them to a dual.
  4. Portable exercise equipment. Stability balls are a nice trade-off for a desk chair at work, resistance bands or dumbbells allow for a great workout anytime, anywhere.
  5. A gift card for new workout attire.
  6. Money towards a ClassPass membership. This program is perfect for those who love to explore various styles of group exercises. There are dozens of studios to choose from in the Raleigh-Durham area.