National Nutrition Month: Go Further With Food


It’s National Nutrition Month and this year the National theme is “Go Further with Food”. Food is, no surprise, what fuels our daily life. So, the question is how do we fuel our bodies to allow us to go further in life? Whether that’s going further at the gym or further with craving control, the answer is the same. It’s all about timing and composition.


It is a general recommendation to eat every three to four hours of the day. Generally, this means you should eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, evening snack, and dinner. Having small, frequent meals prevents stomach expansion and over-eating but also plays a crucial role in keeping blood sugar relatively steady throughout the day. Managing blood sugar helps to deters cravings and keeps energy stable throughout hte day.


The other piece of the puzzle is knowing what to eat every three to four hours. Eating single carb-based snacks like crackers, chips, or even apples will likely cause a blood sugar spike followed by a blood sugar crash leading you to want to eat again. To allow our food to take us further in the day, consider pairing carbohydrates with proteins. Proteins delay gastric emptying keeping your stomach fuller for longer and allows a slow and steady release of blood sugar preventing any sudden spikes and falls or lingering feeling of needing to eat more. Some enjoyable combinations would include apple and peanut butter, Greek yogurt and berries, or whole-grain crackers and cheese.

Try incorporating these simple guidelines in your daily diet to go further with food.