New Year New You

By: Katie Clarke MS, RD, LDN

Happy New Year!  The time of resolutions and redirection.  A time to look at the past year and determine what you would like to do differently next year.  New Year’s Day is quite often a launching point for starting a new or breaking an old habit.  And more often than not, there is a food or weight related resolution.  The New Year, New You campaign is running strong however there is a flaw in this concept. 

There is no NEW YOU.  Only a more focused YOU. 

There is no need to rebrand yourself. Starting change is hard and implementing several changes at once is statistically unsuccessful.  This year, throw out the laundry list and simply dedicate yourself to FOCUS.   

Focus on actions.  Setting a resolution to be more fit or lose weight is noble but those are results, not actions.  Make realistic and specific goals which lead you to these results.  Instead, resolve to average 10,000 steps per day or relinquish soft drinks.  Remember, if it isn’t measurable, it isn’t manageable. 

Focus on benefits.  Change is hard and often motivation dies before ability. Make reminders of the benefits which come from change to keep motivation high.  Write messages on your mirror, hang up an old picture, set reminders, whatever is necessary. 

Focus on yourself.  Resolutions are meant for self-improvement.  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to do?  This isn’t about what others want or expect for you, it is about what you want for yourself.