Patient Highlights

Why did you decide to make changes in your lifestyle/diet? 

I decided to make the lifestyle/diet change because I wanted to reduce health risks and become my best self. I never saw myself as being healthy. I got tired of being out of shape, my weight fluctuating, my cholesterol always being high and feeling uncomfortable. I had an “I HAVE HAD IT!” moment. I wanted to make a change in my life. I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I started dreaming of living a healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t want to just stop there. I believe that dreams are a big deal, and I needed to have a dream, but if I would have stopped there then I would have been just a dreamer. I started to envision my dream of living a healthier lifestyle in high definition. My vision of living a healthy lifestyle became a goal for me. Then I started getting very specific on how I will achieve this goal and I asked myself what must be true for me to be able to do that.

What tips and tricks have you learned on your journey?

I learned not to worry about other people looking at me. I also learned that when I first started out, I was ego training myself and that was a mistake. I shouldn’t care about who’s watching me or ego training. I needed to focus on results and what I can control. I also learned to speak positive over my life a lot more. I learned that life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over. I care about my health. Also, enjoying more time with family, listening to motivational speaking, reading books that I’m interested in. This helped me to focus a lot more and stay the course.

What experiences at Lifestyle Medical Center did you find most useful?

What I found most useful at the Lifestyle Medical Center was the accountability. How they stayed on top of me with my journey.  Educating me on food helped me reach the results I wanted. The entire staff was very supportive, friendly and open to any questions I had. They treated with dignity and respect and provided me with outstanding customer service. All of the staff who I’ve come in contact with are energetic and support the company’s mission, which is very helpful.

Any last comments or anything that has inspired you to make such a lifestyle change?

I would like to thank God for keeping me focused. Also, would like to thank my virtuous wife and our beautiful daughter for the love, support, and motivation they have showed me on this journey. Without them, I think my journey would have been very difficult. I also transitioned my mind to keep a mindset of anticipation. I learned that when you are full of anticipation, you will show up. If I think I’m going to win a contest, I will show up. If I think I’m going to lose that contest, I will have an excuse. Anticipation is what gets me to show up and it is what allows me to have the discipline to stay with it. If I have no anticipation I will quit. If I have anticipation, then there is an answer and I know there is an answer. Anticipation keeps me in the game until I get a win. Then the moment I get a win, I can then anticipate another win. My anticipation in the beginning started with hope but that anticipation continued with the reality of a win.

Congrats Tony on adopting a healthier lifestyle. If you or someone you know in North Carolina is interested in changing their lifestyle and improving their health, call us at 919-354-7077 or click here. No doctor’s referral required. We are in network with most insurance plans.