Patient Highlights

Why did you decide to make changes in your lifestyle/diet?

My health is excellent and I believe primary prevention is my best option in maintaining an active and productive lifestyle. My weight kept increasing inspite of my daily exercise routine. I realized I needed more understanding about my calorie intake and healthier food choices. 

What tips and tricks have you learned on your journey?

At the beginning of this journey I made a decision to obtain a healthy weight. I found an accountability partner and resource who has the expertise to help me meet my personal goal. My RD, Katie Godin, helped me identify and share my strengths and challenges related to my weight loss, expected partnership in the planning, and track my weight and measurements.  

We have written goals and she provides nutrition education and recommendations. I track progress towards my goals daily and we provide one another feedback.  She helped me to evaluate my progress and use a tracking tool for food and exercise. It was important for me to incorporate maintenance goals. For example, since I was drinking 64-96+ ounces of water a day, my goal was to maintain my daily water intake of at least 64 ounces for two weeks. This strategy helped reduce my snacking, ultimately reduced my calorie intake, and kept me hydrated.This format provided immediate feedback and information that could be shared.   

What experiences at Lifestyle Medical Center did you find most useful?

The expertise and professionalism of Katie Godin, the telehealth appointments, patient portal, a live person answering the phone when I needed assistance, the electronic appointment confirmations and the excellent customer service.

Please share any other comments or what has inspired you to make such lifestyle changes. 

I chose to develop healthy habits, embrace wisdom, understand, and accept the responsibility to improve the quality of my life. Primary prevention is priceless, and I want to model a healthy paradigm.

Congratulations Nay on improving your health. If you, or someone you know in North Carolina needs assistance with your own health goals, please contact us here or give our office a call at 919-354-7077. No doctor’s referral is required, and we are in-network with most insurance carriers.