Patient Highlights

Claire’s lifestyle journey at LMC.

Q: Why did you decide to make changes in your lifestyle/diet?

I decided to make the change because I was holding myself back from what I really wanted to do. I couldn’t walk far or stand without hurting, and that kept me from traveling and enjoying everyday life. I kept pushing it off, and realized I was only getting worse, which means even more work to put in to get to where I wanted to be. Besides the physical barriers, I knew that who I was on the inside didn’t match who I was on the outside, so I took the leap and decided to work on being myself.

Q: What tips and tricks have you learned on your journey?

There’s a saying that has really stuck with me during this whole journey:

“If you are driving and one of your tires blows, you don’t get out of your car and shoot the other 3 tires. You fix the one tire and keep driving”.

This is 100% how I look at my decisions with my lifestyle change journey. Before Lifestyle, if I had maybe a bad meal or too many calories I would think, “oh well, I was bad, so I’ll just start over tomorrow”, and continue to eat bad the rest of the day/week. This was an endless cycle that just got worse. What I learned was, you are going to have your indulgent moments, but it’s what you do after that counts. It’s about getting back on track and knowing that one piece of candy doesn’t reverse the past week of healthy decisions. Along with that thought process, I’ve also learned that you can’t live restricting yourself from what your body needs/wants. Sorry, but I can’t live in a world without carbs (sorry Keto). But, I’m more mindful of how many I eat and the quality of them. I’m not restricting myself completely which makes the cravings to indulge even less.

Q: What experiences at Lifestyle Medical Center did you find most useful?

Accountability: More than anything, I knew the accountability would motivate me. I wanted to be proud of myself, but also make good decisions for my Lifestyle team. I see them as a “mama bear” in my head, only wanting the best for me. With time, I started to feel proud of myself for my small victories. And that is the true definition of building a new lifestyle. It’s my life now.

Milestone visits: I was really excited for my milestone appointment, and it did not disappoint. I did not expect to hear that I had lost 11 inches from my waist! Having those measurements helped because I had a hard time seeing the changes through the process. The physical measurements changing proved I’m going in the right direction, even if I can’t see it in my day to day.

Support: I have definitely had my ups and downs during my time at LMC. I came in depressed, physically hurting, and overall, feeling like I had given up.

Fast forward to now: I’ve seen a huge weight loss, have developed better habits, I’m sleeping better, and am less stressed. I got a new puppy (he’s adorable and perfect), ENGAGED to my boyfriend (he’s adorable and perfect too), and am inspiring others to take the leap to better themselves.

What is consistent is the support I get from LMC. Whether it’s mental, health, sleep, or stress, I always am supported in anything I’m facing. I feel like they are always on my team.

Long story short, I wouldn’t be here without LMC and I couldn’t be more proud and happy with myself.

Congratulations Claire in taking steps to improve your lifestyle. We couldn’t be more excited for you!

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