Patient Highlights

Q: Why did you decide to make changes in your lifestyle/diet?  

 I noticed I was developing a lot of unhealthy habits, like not paying attention to the kind of food I ate and rarely exercising. I also got tired of having the same goal of being healthier January after January. I tried quite a few diets in the past, and while I got good results with these diets for a while, I was never able to maintain them. My hope in participating in this [Lifestyle’s] program was to develop a plan I could stick to long-term.

Q: What tips and tricks have you learned on your journey?  

Water has become my new best friend. Before beginning this program, I didn’t realize how many calories I consumed in beverages alone. Tracking what I eat and drink each day has helped me eliminate a lot of the empty calories so I can focus on eating food that gives me energy throughout the day.

Q:  What experiences at Lifestyle Medical Center did you find most useful?  

The accountability has helped me tremendously. It’s nice to be able to share my triumphs and challenges with Ali during my bi-weekly meetings. I also appreciate the meal plan and recipes I received from LMC.

Q:  Please share any other comments or what has inspired you to make such lifestyle changes. 

One of my reasons for not exercising and eating healthier was that I was too stressed and way too busy. Most of my food choices were driven by convenience, rather than what was best for me. I’m beginning to understand that taking care of myself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority.  My wellness is worth the investment of time. 

Congratulations Kenille on all your progress. We are honored to have been a part of your journey!

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