Lifestyle medicine formally recognizes the daily habits, choices, and characteristics that play a role in the non-pharmaceutical prevention and treatment of disease. Lifestyle medicine addresses causes rather than symptoms and empowers patients to champion their own health and wellness.

We work with patients from newborns and up. Our pediatric services include weight management, food allergies, starting solids, infant feeding, picky eating, general nutrition for stages of growth, diabetes prevention and management, hypertension prevention and management and lipid panel monitoring.

For all patients, we have expertise in lifestyle management.  Please contact us with specific questions.

We have many different RDs with many different areas of expertise. In addition to providing support for chronic disease prevention, treatment or management, and pregnancy, we offer sports nutrition counseling, smoking cessation counseling and lifestyle classes such as cooking classes and grocery store tours.

The LifeStyle team consists of a physician medical director, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, PhD-level researchers, and other professionals all working together in a multi-disciplinary fashion to tailor a unique care plan for you.

At this time, LifeStyle Medical Center is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Blue Value, Aetna and Coventry (excluding Duke plans).  Our patient liaison will verify your benefits before your initial appointment.  If you have a different insurance carrier, we will submit the appropriate documentation on your behalf for a chance for reimbursement for our services.  Our patient liaison will review this process and specific costs of visits with you. Learn More

We maintain a strong Clinical Outcomes division that works to assess our patients’ progress.  It is important to us to employ cutting-edge strategies and techniques, and make all necessary modifications, to be certain our LifeStyle Plans are producing maximal results.

LifeStyle Medical Centers has an in-office clinical laboratory that performs some of the lab tests your provider will order. However, we are not able to provide many other tests. For these tests, we send the specimen to Solstas and Solstas will file a claim with your insurance. If your insurance does not pay the balance in full, then Solstas will bill you for the balance due.