Not so long ago, medical providers had to rely solely on a patient’s memory and/or journaling to get an idea of their day-to- day lifestyle choices. From activity trackers to sleep monitors, recent advances in technology have empowered us to get a much clearer and more accurate picture of a patient’s life. This, in turn, enables providers to create treatment plans and lifestyle recommendations tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

Below are some of the remote monitoring solutions that Lifestyle Medical Center currently has available. Where appropriate, your LMC provider will screen you as a potential candidate for remote monitoring. If eligible, these remote monitoring devices are then available to take home on a short-term loan.

Beddit: Unobtrusive Sleep Tracking and Analysis

Getting a full night of restful sleep is one of the most important ways that we can look after both our physical and emotional health. And yet we don’t always know if our sleep is being interrupted or otherwise disturbed.

Beddit tracks both the quantity and quality of your sleep, and also monitors your heart rate, breathing and snoring to create as complete a picture as possible of your sleep routine. The app will even help you optimize your sleep environment by monitoring temperature and humidity in your bedroom, and all of this data can be accessed by both you and—with your permission—your provider. And because Beddit is based on an unobtrusive, in-bed monitor which fits under your sheets, there is no wrist band or other monitors to wear in bed. (After all, we wouldn’t want to disturb your sleep.)

Withings: Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Most of us are familiar with having our blood pressure measured. The challenge for providers, however, is that blood pressure can vary considerably throughout the day depending on a variety of factors such as activity or stress levels, so a single reading at our clinic may not be enough to get a complete picture of your blood pressure history.

The Withings smart blood pressure monitor integrates with your smart phone so you can take regular measurements as you move through your daily routine, providing a more complete picture of how different activities and environments influence your blood pressure. Withings also provides you with instant feedback and easy-to- understand visual representations of your blood pressure. In fact, in one 18 month campaign, doctors reported that hypertensive patients using the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor saw blood pressure control rates improve 30% overall.