Discounted Self-Pay Options for Out-of-Network Customers

If you have a plan or provider not considered in-network with us (ex: Duke Basic, Duke Select, etc.), or if you are uninsured, self pay options might be right for you. Under the self-pay options, full payment is due at the time of the visit, and if we’re not in your network, our billing team will file claims on your behalf as an out-of-network provider, and any payments will be sent directly to you.

This is NOT a promise of payment, and many times patients will have higher out-of-network deductibles that are difficult to reach.

Á La Carte Options

New Patient Visits (per visit)


Consult Visit $85
Initial Nutrition Visit $120
All patients must have an A1c, lipid panel, and comprehensive metabolic panel within the last 6 months. You can provide results from your physician, or we have self-pay pricing options available (see “Laboratory Tests” section further below).

Dietary Planning

Individualized meal planning that fits your medical needs, personal and family preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Follow-up Visits (per visit)

Extended Follow-up Visit $90
Follow-up Visit $60
Maintenance Visit* $40
Clinician Visit (20 min) $85
Clinician Visit (40 min) $120
*Only available to patients after 10 visits and with approval from your provider.

Other Services

EKG $20

Laboratory Tests

Hemoglobin A1c* $15
Lipid Panel* $20
Urinalysis $5
Pregnancy Test $5
Basic Metabolic Panel $10
CBC with Differential $10
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $12
Electrolytes $15
Glucose $8
Hemoglobin $7
Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) $25
Vitamin B12 $10
Testosterone $25
*In-house results available in minutes. Please call for pricing if there are other laboratory tests you would like performed.