You can’t effectively treat disease without looking at the bigger picture.

As Americans are living longer than ever before, the incidence of ongoing medical conditions has increased. It’s now estimated that by 2030, 50 percent of the U.S. population will have one or more chronic illnesses that require management.

Chronic disease management is a long-term challenge, focusing on conditions that progress slowly over time. Many of these illnesses require a combined treatment approach that includes a healthy way of life coupled with ongoing support, motivation and periodic medical care.

By accessing caring healthcare providers who focus on a practical, therapeutic approach, you can lower your risk for chronic disease and improve the quality of your life.

chronic disease center dietitian counseling patient on the use of a FitBit monitor

Using a FitBit activity monitor, one of our dietitians counsels a patient on developing effective exercise routines.

LifeStyle Medical Centers offers a range of support for various chronic diseases including:

Diabetes High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol

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