One out of every three Americans suffers from hypertension, but many go undiagnosed. In fact, 8% of all people with hypertension are unaware of their condition.

The health consequences of hypertension can be catastrophic, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Initially, an elevated blood pressure rarely causes symptoms, and the adverse consequences take years to develop.

That makes it critical to diagnose and treat “prehypertension,” a moderate elevation in blood pressure, before it progresses on to hypertension and the damage it causes. Multiple factors can contribute to an elevated blood pressure, including your:

  • Genetic makeup
  • Stress levels
  • Salt intake
  • Excess body weight

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or are at risk for high blood pressure, the medical team at LifeStyle Medical Centers is here to help you manage your hypertension treatment.

Our goal is to lower or even eliminate your blood pressure medication. We can provide the support and motivation you need to make lifelong healthy nutrition and physical activity decisions so your hypertension is manageable and controllable for the rest of your life.

Remember, there is no healthy level of high blood pressure, and only you are in control of your disease.

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