Healthy Lifestyle Program

A Structured, Six-Week Introduction to Healthier Living

A growing body of evidence suggests that diets don’t work in promoting long-term health. That’s why we recommend a focus on overall lifestyle change and adopting healthy habits. This approach has informed the development of our Healthy Lifestyle Program—a six-week, structured program that helps patients to develop broad, comprehensive strategies for healthier habits and positive lifestyle change.

Here are the details:

Whole Lifestyle Focus

  • Six-week program covering sleep, physical activity, nutrition and emotional wellbeing
  • Individualized assessment, planning and goal setting
  • Emphasis on overall behavior change – not dieting – through education and coaching
  • Flexible program, with emphasis on patient’s own needs

On-Going Support

  • Integrated care model ensures coordinated care between our clinicians and registered dietitians
  • Weekly or bi-weekly visits
  • Supported program of tracking and assessment
  • Access to our full calendar of classes and grocery store tours
  • Multiple options for continuing care, including transitioning to other LMC programs.