From trying to conceive through managing a healthy pregnancy to establishing a healthy routine after having a baby, our interdisciplinary team works to craft an evidence-based strategy that actually works for you.

Through regular check-ins and follow-up care, we track your progress and help you adjust your plan accordingly. We’ll consider every aspect of your lifestyle including your current state of health, what and how much you eat, how and when you exercise, what medications you use and how you deal with stress. You can manage your nutrition and health under the guidance of the LifeStyle Medical Centers team. We’ll work together to manage your weight, reduce the risk of complications, and increase your chances of a having a successful pregnancy.

We can also help you to proactively navigate the challenges of new parenthood, including nursing your baby.

examining a pregnancy nutrition plan

Our staff measure important health indicators like blood pressure, weight gain and body composition to inform our nutrition plans and track your pregnancy.

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