Food affects your exercise performance.  Making smart food and fluid choices before, during and after activity can give you the competitive edge.

At LifeStyle Medical Centers, we offer 1-to-1 sports nutrition counseling where we’ll discuss

  • Specific nutrient and caloric requirements to enhance your performance during competitions and in the off-season
  • The best foods to consume before, during and after activity to sustain energy levels and recover quicker 
  • How your gender, age and intensity of activity impact your performance needs
  • The pros and cons of supplement and ergogenic aid use

During our counseling sessions we will also discuss individual body composition and weight goals, hydration requirements and optimal nutrition for injury prevention and recovery.  We will also examine ways to achieve proper bone health, meet protein needs and the effect of deficient energy intake and alcohol on athletic performance. 

Whether you’re a beginning an exercise routine or a competitive athlete, 1-to-1 sports nutrition counseling can be beneficial. 

We will develop individualized meal plans based on your goals, needs and activity level. We’re here to help you improve your performance and achieve new personal records.  

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