LifeStyle Medical Centers offer advanced testing that helps to truly understand your body’s composition of muscle, fat and fluids.

We perform body composition testing such as bioelectric impedance weigh ins with each visit.

During a bioelectric impedance, you’ll step on a scale that sends a small electric current through your body. Different tissue and fluids respond differently; the electric current will move through your bones at a different pace than your fat, and at a different pace through your muscle, too. Based on the electric current, we’ll be able to determine your body’s composition that’s much more detailed than a regular scale or using a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart.

This is a great tool because you’ll be able to see the changes in your body composition as you make lifestyle changes. Together, we’ll track fat mass loss, fluids fluctuations and lean muscle mass gains.

Weight on a regular bathroom scale doesn’t tell the whole story about your body composition. Bioelectric impedance can help you get a deeper understanding of how your body responds to your lifestyle choices.

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