Instructions for Getting Setup with Telehealth Virtual Waiting Room on computer

Please click on ‘Enter Waiting Room’.

You will need to create an account, if you already have account please click on ‘go to login’ and sign in.

If you do not have an account, enter email, follow on-screen instructions.

Once you are signed in, this screen will show: Check off ‘I give my consent to participate in a Telemedicine Consultation’ -> Hit Continue

This screen will pop up, but no need to fill out because your Medical Assistant will collect this information during triage. Hit Continue.

You will need to follow to on-screen instructions to install the VSee App onto your computer. Once installed, you will be prompted to test your Webcam and microphone.  If you are using your iPhone or Android device, please allow the VSee Clinic to have access to your microphone and camera.

VSee is now Setting up your Session, a screen is going to pop up asking you to open Vsee.

VSee will open and a notification will be sent to your Medical Assistant letting them know you are ready for the visit.  The Medical Assistant will join your video chat and ask you a few questions; once they have collected and updated your chart, they will inform your Provider that you are all set for them!  The Medical Assistant will place your call on hold until your provider can join in.  Once your provider joins in the MA will leave the call.  If you accidently click on the red hang up button, this screen will pop up.

Select “Click here to relaunch it” and it will prompt you to click ‘open vsee’ again but not to worry, it just placed you back into the waiting room.

Provider will pick up your call and start your telehealth session.  Once your session has been completed you may click the red button to leave the call and your Provider will check you out.

This popup will show once your visit has ended.  Please note: No visit summary will be sent to you after your visit. You may click on ‘End Visit’ to complete the visit on your side.