“Throwback Thursday” – Results of the 2016-2017 Holiday Wellness Challenge

November 21st 2016 marked the beginning of the 2nd annual Lifestyle Medical Center Holiday Wellness Challenge.  This year, 183 LMC patients signed up to give our 6-week challenge a try.  Through weekly newsletters and an advent-style calendar, participants followed along with our program which included tasks to complete and check off daily.  In an effort to help participants maintain focus on all areas of their lifestyle throughout one of the most difficult times of the year, the challenge included a variety of focused tips and tricks related to mindful eating, healthy cooking, exercise and sleep, to name a few.  Completion of 35 out of the 42 daily tasks was required for participants to successfully complete the challenge and establish eligibility for our grand prize raffle.

Despite the numerous temptations and stressors of the holiday season, 6 devoted lifestyle-changers persevered through this exciting challenge and we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to recognize them!

The following individuals from our Raleigh and Durham clinics will be receiving an activity tracker, grocery store gift card or free personal training session to reward them for their hard work and devotion to lifestyle change throughout holiday season 2016.  Of course, as well all know, the ultimate prize for their dedication comes in the form of the lifestyle changes that they will be able to sustain in the weeks, months and years to come!

Warmest congratulations and a huge round of applause goes to…

Autum Bowen

Susan Dekarske

Natasha Grimes

Linda Lewis

Claire Miller

Rachel Schwartz